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GG In The News: Gravestone Girls Dying For People To Learn From Cemeteries|Dover Community News – Dover, NH

Dover Community News - Dover, New Hampshire

Gravestone Girls dying for people to learn from cemeteries 
By Kristin Sawyer 

Brenda Sullivan of The Gravestone Girls presented the first lecture of the Dover Historical Society's fall lineup on
Friday, Sept. 10, at the Dover Public Library, educating people on how informative and interesting a trip through one's 
local cemetery can be.  Sullivan and her business partner and best friend, Maggie White, have always been fascinated by the
art, symbols, and history of cemeteries and their inhabitants. What started as a hobby for the girls evolved into a craft
that produces decorative folk art pieces and that provides historical education rooted in the rich chronicles of New 
England cemeteries. The Gravestone Girls make rubbings and cast molds of tombstone art and imagery. Having been specially 
trained, Sullivan made it clear that she and White abide by all rules and regulations and do not harm the environment in
any manner. According to Sullivan, if there is any indication that using a site may cause the least bit of damage, that
site will not be used.  "We do everything with a sense of preservation, and the only thing we teach is rubbing techniques,"
said Sullivan.  "Cemeteries can provide a wonderful snapshot of a community," she continued. "They are living classrooms."
At the end of Sullivan's chock-full lecture on the evolution of gravestone symbols and history, she urged members of the
lecture audience to "go to the cemetery and learn something; it'll tell you a lot about history and your community. After
all, it's right in your back yard." 

The Gravestone Girls will be on hand at the upcoming Grave Yarns: The Cemetery Revealed tours to talk about preservation
techniques, gravestone art, and why the Girls do what they do. For information or to preview some of their work, visit www.gravestonegirls.com 

The following commonly seen cemetery symbols and their meanings are provided with permission from and with courtesy of 
The Gravestone Girls.  Read More 
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GG In The News: Historical Society Presents Gravestone Girls|Dover Community News – Dover, NH

September 2004
Dover Community News - Dover, New Hampshire

Historical society presents Gravestone Girls Sept. 10 

Dover Historical Society announces its first fall program, The Gravestone Girls, presented by Maggie White and Brenda 
Sullivan, on Sept. 10, at the Dover Public Library, beginning at 7 p.m. Discover the historical significance of gravestone
art and symbolism and what they represent about the lives and times of past generations. 
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