Many people have approached us concerning the safety of our techniques. We applaud Technique - Mag At Worktheir concern and can reassure them we have taken every measure to ensure the stones we work with will be left unmarred by our visit.

We have over 30 years experience working in old cemeteries. This knowledge allows us to be very selective in choosing the right stones to take images from. A gravestone that shows the slightest sign of weakness or frailty is never used for our projects. Our casting material is gently applied and is immediately ready to be removed. The stones are then reviewed and cleaned to ensure no trace of our presence is left behind. Of course, we always get permission to work in the cemeteries before we begin.

Our casting material is completely inert and non-toxic. There are no oils, degreasers, abrasives or harsh chemicals present. Before we ever began, we did extensive research to find the right material that would in no way damage the gravestones or the cemeteries we work in, and that effort is ongoing. We are constantly researching new products we learn about to ensure we are able to deliver the best replica possible.

Part of our research includes attending historic building conservation trade shows to learn about proven techniques and materials used by the construction trade to stabilize, preserve, and repair buildings. We’ve sought out people who were casting directly off these old buildings to repair many historically significant structures as well as create replicas of architectural details for museums and the gift trade.

Our cleaning methods involve biocides which are used by the building trade and also endorsed by the Association for Gravestone Studies. Additional research with a New England stone mason who exclusively does gravestone repair for historical societies further solidified that our methods and choice of mold making materials are acceptable.

Thank you for being a responsible Gravestone Girl (or Guy)!