Gravestone Girl classes have proven very popular over the years. Filled with humor and history you’ll learn about your community and an artform! We’d love to have you join us!

  • Rubbing Old New England Gravestones with the Gravestone Girls
  • Welcome to The Graveyard:  A Virtual Tour of Your Local Cemetery with The Gravestone Girls
Don’t be scared of those old cemeteries, they are unique and interesting places full of folk art and history found only in New England! The images on old gravestones are considered the first graphic art of the New World and communicated messages to individuals and the community at large about virtues, ethics and standards of behavior. These objects can be more than 300 years old and still stand on the landscape in a virtual museum which serves as a gateway between the past and the present.

Everyone sometime in their life has probably done a gravestone rubbing. Some have left behind a mark of their presence through improper techniques. Others have left unsatisfied with their result and still others long to go back to do it again. Currently, there are many misconceptions about doing gravestone rubbing. The Gravestone Girls offer this course as a way to bust those myths, teach proper techniques and educate about these interesting and historical spaces.

Tissue paper and hard crayons are out! You will learn the safest methods for creating a rubbing while ensuring the safety and preservation of the old gravestones. Classes run about 2.5 hours and include a walking tour of the graveyard to learn what is out there and why they look like they do. A demonstration will be part of the program so you can try your hand before you set out to create your own masterpiece. Supplies are included in the class cost, so all you have to do is show up prepared to learn and be creative!

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We also offer private classes. Private classes offer more time for questions and help with your rubbing! You’ll get our complete attention! Send us a message at thegirls@gravestonegirls.com for more information!

Our adult oriented presentation is about New England cemetery art, history and symbolism in a 90 minute Powerpoint format. The ‘virtual tour’, called “Welcome to The Graveyard”, takes us from colonial burial grounds, through the rural cemetery movement of the 19th century and into 21st century locations.  It examines why we have cemeteries and gravestones, why they look like they do and how styles and art have evolved over almost 400 years.  Prior to a committed program date, The Girls will hit the road and go through the host town’s cemeteries, taking pictures for use in building the presentation and using as much local content as possible for a customized experience.  This program has been tailored for many different towns and groups, for presentations at historical societies, genealogy groups, libraries and others for more than fifteen years.

We bring along informational handouts for takeaway plus examples of our gravestone artwork so the audience can have a hands-on experience, plus purchasing opportunities.  Q&A is welcome at the end of the show!  Our Gravestone Girl Brenda Sullivan is always the presenter of our programs, and if schedules allow, other Gravestone Girls will join us too!

The aim of the program is to connect with the audience and teach them what’s in the backyards and main streets of their towns.  We hope to inspire them to go out and explore on their own; which might lead to graveyard clean ups, documentation projects and other fun and educational cemetery experiences!

Send us a message at thegirls@gravestonegirls.com for more information and programming fees.

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