We Are The Gravestone Girls

We create decorative artwork using the beautiful and primitive images carved on olde New England gravestones; give lectures and tours on cemetery art, history and symbolism as well as teach gravestone rubbing classes! Our work aims to entertain and educate on the historical perspective of old cemeteries by documenting and preserving the beautiful art they contain.

To produce our three-dimensional art pieces, we perfected a casting technique which exactly replicates the original gravestone carving. The creations in our collection are derived from 17th-21st century gravestones found in cemeteries throughout the New England region. All our pieces are hand-formed and finished in a process we specifically developed. It’s important to note that no stones are ever harmed by our techniques—preservation is our primary concern!

Within these pages you will read a brief history of each piece including name of the person, death date, gravestone and cemetery location and information about the symbolism. With your purchase you will receive a handy history reference card you can keep with your new art piece.

We would be honored by the opportunity to develop a special commission piece of your families’ historic gravestone, present a lecture to an organization you are involved with or participate in another aspect of your local history! Feel free to inquire!

The Gravestone Girls endeavour to help preserve a rich folk art tradition unique to our nation. We hope you are intrigued our activities to investigate and expand on the special history which lives in everyone’s backyards.

Keeping Our Dead Alive,

Brenda, Maggie & Melissakitty